In recent years, few investments have shined like silver. In 2010, silver prices rose by an astounding 84%, and are currently at 31-year highs. The silver/gold ratio has fallen from 70 just two short years ago to 50 today, illustrating the increasing value of silver relative to gold.


The reasons to invest in silver are solid. Like two sides of a coin, silver demand is driven by investors and industry. As a safe haven asset and store of value, silver preserves and protects wealth in times of economic distress. As an industrial metal, silver is indispensable.

Silver can be found in an ever expanding array of products such as televisions, computers, and smart-phones. As income levels continue to rise in the emerging economies of China, India, and Brazil, an increasing number of consumers are beginning to demand these products as well as view silver as an investment.

Trading silver has historically been considered as an alternative to gold trading, as silver is the least expensive of the precious metals. This created a volatile and often profitable market as lower prices allowed for many traders to invest. Nowadays, trading silver futures is considered good portfolio diversification and allows for investment to be made with relatively little capital, thanks to the leverage provided by brokerage firms

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